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What are the benefits of radix astragalus herb?

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The benefits of  radix astragalus herb and wolfberry soaking in water

It helps to replenish qi and blood. Astragalus is known as the "king of qi". From this, it can be known that Astragalus has a betterastragalus in chinese name - OkayHerb effect of tonifying qi. And wolfberry is also a good helper for nourishing qi and blood. Two foods that are both nourishing qi and blood, add them to soak in water to drink, you can imagine how good the effect will be. Women who don't usually have enough qi and blood can make tea with astragalus and wolfberry appropriately to help replenish qi and blood. After the blood is sufficient, the complexion will become rosy, and the body will gradually become warmer, which is still helpful to protect your health.

Helping with diuresis, eating and drinking Lazard every day is a normal phenomenon, but because of some bad habits, people will have problems with urination. Some people will have yellow urine or pain when urinating. To alleviate this situation, you might as well try drinking tea made with astragalus and wolfberry, which can help protect kidney health and increase urine output, which is beneficial to your health.

It helps to strengthen the body's immunity, and now it is truly entering autumn, and the temperature will get lower and lower as time goes by. After the weather turns cold, some people are slightly weaker, and it is easy to catch cold. In order to reduce the occurrence of problems, you can use astragalus and wolfberry to make tea together, which can help improve the body's immunity. After the immunity becomes stronger, it can help resist some viruses, and the body can be protected from harm and unnecessary health problems. In addition to helping to enhance immunity, it can also help maintain the stomach and intestines, and it will also help protect the respiratory system.

Help to maintain the skin. Nowadays, people are more concerned about the maintenance of the skin, especially women who are born to love beauty, will pay more attention to the maintenance of the skin. If there is a little blemish on the skin, I will care more, and I will look for various ways to help relieve it. Skin care products are not the only ones that want good skin. If you can often use Astragalus and Chinese wolfberry to make tea together, it is still very good for skin maintenance. The antioxidant effect is very good, it can help reduce skin damage, and it can lighten spots. As mentioned above, astragalus and wolfberry tea together can help replenish qi and blood. If the qi and blood are sufficient, the complexion will be ruddy and shiny, and it will be more delicate and white. Women who want to look younger, might as well try to make tea with astragalus and wolfberry.

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