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What is platycodon grandiflorum's role and effect?

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Tangerine stem is a kind of Chinese medicinal material that is more common in Chinese medicine, and it is also a kind of Chinese medicinalcheap jie geng herb - Okayherb material that has certain benefits for health. In the clinical medicine profession of Chinese medicine, many kinds of diseases, such as cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath, sore throat, carbuncle, cough and white foamy sputum, etc., all have very good treatment and relief effects. Below, I will explain the efficacy and efficacy of Platycodon grandiflorum in detail for everyone.

1. The efficacy of platycodi radix

(1) ventilating the lung and resolving phlegm for coughing and phlegm that does not declare lung qi, chest tightness, shortness of breath. This product is pungent to relieve bitter diarrhea, open lung qi deficiency, relieve phlegm and promote qi, and treat cough and phlegm. It can be used regardless of cold or heat. For those with cold syndrome, use perilla leaves, sweet almonds, such as Apricot Sue scattered. For those with cold and hot winds, match with mulberry leaves, yellow chrysanthemums, and sweet almonds, such as mulberry chrysanthemum drink. If the phlegm blocks the qi and blood stasis, the lift is out of control, and the chest and diaphragm are stuffy, use aurantium aurantium to lift the air wheel to broaden the chest.

(2) Relieve the pharynx, used for sore throat and aphonia. This product can proclaim lung and throat sound. For those who inflict wind evil on the lungs, sore throat and aphonia, use licorice, burdock seeds, etc., such as platycodon grandiflorum decoction and flavored Ganju decoction. If the throat is swollen and painful, and the heat toxin is severe, use Belamcanda chinecsis, Puffball, Banlangen granules, etc. to clear away the heat and relieve the throat.

(3) Discharge pus for carbuncle cough and spit white foamy sputum. This product can increase the quality of the lungs, and can promote the deficiency of lung qi to discharge the white foamy phlegm of the lungs. In clinical medicine, houttuynia cordata root and wax gourd kernels are often used to enhance the effect of moisturizing the lungs and releasing pus.

(4) Citrus stalks have the effect of loading medicines up, and can be used as the agent of Zhouji, and the medicines are up-regulated. Clinical medicine often adds citrus stalks to the prescriptions for the treatment of lung meridian disease to induce the medicine to rise.

2. The role of Chinese herbal medicine platycodi radix

The traditional Chinese medicine Platycodon grandiflorum contains a variety of ginsenosides, the key is Citrus grandiflorum ginsenosides, in addition to inulin, plant sterols and so on. This product can reflect and improve bronchial metabolism, and the diluted sputum has a strong phlegm-resolving effect and has antitussive effect. Tangerine ginseng saponins have anti-infective effects, can inhibit gastric acid metabolism and anti-ulcers, and also have antispasmodic, analgesic, calming, lowering blood lipids, and lower blood lipids.

(1) This product contains a variety of saponins, the key is Tangerine saponins; it also contains steroids and glycosides, human fatty oils, oleic acid, etc. This product can reflect and enhance bronchial metabolism, dilute the sputum, but has a strong phlegm-reducing effect, and can relieve cough; Tangerine saponins have anti-infection, immunity, anti-ulcer and other effects; its crude saponins have calming, analgesic, and anti-ulcer effects. The medicinal value of fever, lowering blood fat, lowering cholesterol, and antispasmodic. In addition, Citrus grandiflorum powder has an inhibitory effect on liver ascites tumors. Tangerine saponins have a strong hemolytic effect. Oral administration can dissolve and destroy in the digestive system and lose the hemolytic effect.

(2) Citrus saponins have a strong hemolytic effect and are not suitable for injection.

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