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What is gastrodiae rhizoma benefits for our health?

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Functions and indications of Gastrodia

Gastrodia is moisturizing but not dry. It mainly enters the liver meridian, and is long at calming the liver and relieving wind. Anytian ma chinese herb supplier - OkayHerb symptoms of hepatic wind internal movement and head dizziness, regardless of deficiency or excess, are all necessary medicines.

1. Calming the liver and relieving wind: Gastrodia can nourish blood and dispel wind, can treat headaches and dizziness caused by blood deficiency, liver and wind, and can also be used for convulsions, epilepsy, and tetanus in children.

2. Dispelling wind and relieving pain: used for dizziness, migraine, numbness and hemiplegia caused by wind phlegm.

Gastrodia is suitable for dizziness caused by internal wind. There are three types of headaches caused by internal wind: 1. Liver-yang hyperactivity, symptom: headache and dizziness at the same time; 2. Obstructive phlegm, symptom: often feel heavy head; 3. Patients with kidney deficiency, symptom: headache Dizziness is accompanied by symptoms of memory loss. Gastrodia is not suitable for headache and dizziness caused by a cold.

Gastrodia has sedative, analgesic, and anticonvulsant effects; it can increase cerebral blood flow, reduce cerebrovascular resistance, slightly constrict cerebrovascular, and increase coronary vascular flow; it can lower blood pressure, slow down heart rate, and have a protective effect on myocardial ischemia; Gastrodia Polysaccharides have immunological activity.

Gastrodia elata is a health-preserving ingredient with the same medicine and food! Young people also need these four major effects of Gastrodia! After eating Gastrodia, you can experience these feelings!

Insomnia, eating gastrodia has a miraculous effect!

Gastrodia has a very good therapeutic and regulating effect on intractable insomnia and neurasthenia. Fresh Tianma stewed chicken, stewed ribs, a few days later, you can experience a night of dreamlessness and a delicate sleep until dawn. It is suitable for modern people with tight rhythms, excessive brain use, and work/life pressure.

Forgetfulness, Tianma boosts brain power!

Gastrodia contains aspartic acid, glutamic acid, arginine and other ingredients that cannot be synthesized by the human body, which are beneficial to the cranial nerves and liver. It has nourishing, protective and repairing effects on the brain and nervous system. Regular consumption can play a role in strengthening the brain. Nourish intelligence, improve eyesight and enhance memory.

If you drink too much, Gastrodia will help you nourish your liver!

It is known that drinking alcohol damages the liver. Gastrodia contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to the liver, which can enhance liver function, repair liver damage, and resist liver disease.

Strengthen the heart, activate the blood vessels, and protect the lifeline!

Gastrodia can also increase the blood flow in the peripheral and coronary arteries, which has a good protective effect on the heart. At the same time, gastrodin can soften blood vessels, increase the strength of blood vessels, and reduce the risk of embolism, rupture, hemorrhage and other serious health-hazardous diseases. Therefore, appropriate daily choice of gastrodia can effectively promote physical health.

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