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What is function of glycyrrhiza?

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Medicinal value of processed glycyrrhiza uralensis

1. Licorice has an adrenocorticosteroid like effect. It can inhibit hypersecretion of gastric acid induced by histamine. It also has thebuy zhi gan cao - OkayHerb function of anti - acid and relieving spasm of gastrointestinal smooth muscle.

2. Glycyrrhiza flavone, glycyrrhiza extract and glycyrrhetinic acid all have obvious antitussive effect; Expectorant effect is also significant, and its strength is liquorice extract.

3. Licorice also has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effects, can protect inflamed throat and trachea mucosa. Liquorice extract and glycyrrhizin have similar detoxification effect to glucuronic acid.

4. Licorice is commonly used to treat the symptoms that come with menopause. Because licorice contains licorice, a hormone-like compound, it helps balance hormone levels in women.

5. Glycyrrhiza glycyrrhiza contains secondary acids that can block the carcinogenic effect of tumor growth.

Effect and action of prepared glycyrrhiza

Processed glycyrrhiza sweet, warm, with nourishing Yin and blood, qi tongyang, complex pulse fixed palpitations. Indications of Yin and Yang deficiency syndrome, can be used for the treatment of exhaustion, lung impotence, lung dryness injury Yin and other diseases, now clinically often used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and other systemic diseases. Processed glycyrrhiza is fried with honey glycyrrhiza, glycyrrhiza is flat, processed glycyrrhiza is warm, tonic effect is stronger, coupled with honey nourishing Yin, moisten dryness, laxative effect, can increase the glycyrrhiza nourishing Yin effect. Therefore, the processed licorice is good at supplementing Yin, and both qi and blood, enhancing the effect of warming Yang, nourishing qi and invigorating spleen. It has a good effect on the treatment of fatigue, loss of appetite and weakness caused by spleen and stomach qi deficiency. The main functions of raw licorice are clearing heat and detoxifying, removing phlegm and relieving cough, relieving pain and mediating various medicines.

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