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What are achyranthes's effects and functions?

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Achyranthes bidentata, if you are familiar with traditional Chinese medicine, it is a kind of Chinese medicinal material with multiple functions,China achyranthes root - OkayHerb which can be used to assist in the treatment of a variety of health problems. However, Achyranthes bidentata also has many precautions, so in Before using Achyranthes, it is best to understand it in advance. So, what are the specific effects of Achyranthes bidentata? What are the precautions? Let's take a look together.

What are the effects of achyranthis radix?

First of all, it is to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. This is the main effect of Achyranthes bidentata. In clinical practice, Achyranthes bidentata is often used to assist in the treatment of stasis and amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, postpartum stasis, pain and pain.

Secondly, achyranthes bidentata also has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidneys, which can effectively improve back pain, especially rheumatic arthralgia and lower limb joint pain. It can be used alone or in combination with papaya, fangji, duhuo, etc. It has obvious effects on alleviating joint pain caused by rheumatic diseases.

In addition, it is to draw blood down. This is a special effect of Achyranthes bidentata. Many Chinese medicines do not have this effect. Clinically, Achyranthes bidentata is often used to assist in the treatment of gum swelling and pain, mouth and tongue sores caused by burning. It is often used in combination with herbs such as rehmannia, anemarrhena, gypsum, etc., and the effect will be better.

Finally, it is to relieve water and leaching, which is of great help in improving urinary pain, edema and unfavorable urination. It is often used together with dianthus, talc and other medicinal materials.

The above are the main effects of Achyranthes bidentata. Not only that, a combination of Achyranthes bidentata and different ingredients can achieve different effects. For example, Achyranthes bidentata with loofah can clear heat and remove blood stasis, and nourish the liver and kidney. If it is paired with Morinda officinalis, it can effectively relieve cold pain in the waist and knees. If it is paired with wolfberry, it can nourish the liver and kidney and improve the eyesight. So you can use it according to your own needs. Let’s take a look at edible cattle. Precautions for the knee.

What are the precautions for niu xi herb?

First, when using Achyranthes bidentata, pay attention to the combination, and it is best not to use it together with the tortoise shell and the white front.

Second, it is not suitable to use achyranthes bidentata for pregnant women and menstrual periods, because it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Third, there are two kinds of Achyranthes bidentata, one is Achyranthes bidentata, and the other is Achyranthes bidentata. These two effects and effects are still different, so they should be used according to the specific conditions of the patient.

Fourth, although Achyranthes does not have any major side effects, you should pay attention to the amount when you eat it. Too much is always bad, so as to prevent it from failing to be effective and hurting the body.

Summary: Although Achyranthes bidentata has many effects, it must be used in a targeted manner when treating certain diseases or solving certain problems. This has great requirements for the dosage and combination of Achyranthes bidentata, plus It can also be regarded as a kind of food that has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It is not suitable for pregnant women and people who have more menstrual periods. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is recommended that you use Achyranthes bidentata under the guidance of a doctor.

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