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The effects of Galangal

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Pharmacological effects of Galangal:

1. Analgesic effect of temperature: Water extract and ether extract of Galangal can significantly resist water-stress ulcer in mice andginger rhizomes for sale - OkayHerb hydrochloric acid injury ulcer in rats; The water extracts showed significant inhibition on gastrointestinal tract advancement in mice. Both extracts were effective against diarrhea caused by castor oil, and the water extracts were also effective against diarrhea caused by senna leaves. Water extract had synergistic effect on elevation of transaminase. Both extracts had obvious cholagogic effects on anesthetized rats, and ether extract had stronger effect. The two extracts had obvious analgesic effect in thermal pole test and acetic acid writhing test.

2. Influence on microcirculation: Galangal is a kind of fragrant and warm pain traditional Chinese medicine, which has a rapid analgesic effect on angina pectoris, and has a delaying effect on stopping or slowing down the microartery blood flow caused by adrenaline slightly. It can delay the shrinkage time of pipe diameter. After 10 minutes of epinephrine administration, the diameter of the tube was restored (the control group continued to shrink) and the arterioles were slightly constricted.

3. Effects on hypoxia and cold mice: intragastric administration of galginger ether extract and water extract could prolong the duration of mouth-opening action in decapitated mice and the survival time of KCN poisoned mice, but did not affect the survival time of NaNO2 poisoned mice. Ether extract can prolong the survival time and slow down the rate of oxygen consumption of mice in atmospheric pressure closed hypoxia, while water extract can not prolong the survival time of mice in atmospheric pressure closed hypoxia, but can improve the oxygen utilization ability of mice under hypoxia condition. The two extracts had no effect on the survival time of cold mice.

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