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Pharmacological action of Chinese Skullcap Herb - part 2

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Pharmacological action of Chinese Skullcap Herb

Lowering blood lipid: 10% 2ml of Chinese Skullcap Herb aqueous extract per animal was administered by gavage for 7 weeks, which could reduce the content of serum cholesterol in cholesterol fed rabbits. Baicalein and baicalin 100mg / kg by gavage can reduce the contents of serum free fatty acids, triglycerides and liver triglycerides fed with corn oil cholesterol cholic acid in experimental hyperlipidemia rats. Baicalein Ⅱ 100mg / kg by gavage can reduce the contents of serum total cholesterol and liver triglycerides, increase the content of serum high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL CH), and baicalein 100mg / kg by gavage, It can prevent the deposition of liver triglycerides and increase the content of serum HDL ch. Baicalein and baicalin 100mg / kg by gavage can reduce the contents of total cholesterol, free cholesterol and triglyceride in liver of hyperlipidemia rats induced by ethanol. Wogonin can reduce the level of serum triglyceride, and baicalein can increase the content of serum HDL ch.

Liver protection, cholagogic and antioxidant: 1000 mg / kg methanol extract of Chinese Skullcap Herb can inhibit the liver damageChinese Skullcap Herb for sale - OkayHerb caused by naphthalene isothiocyanate (ANIT) and the increase of serum bilirubin. The ethanol extract of Chinese Skullcap Herb Georgi 50100mg / kg and Baicalin 50100mg / kg were administered by gavage, which had cholagogic effect on rabbits. Baicalein at the concentration of 10 (- 4) - 10 (- 6) mol / L inhibited lipid peroxidation of rat liver microsomes and decreased the content of malondialdehyde (MDA). Baicalein and baicalin 2. five × 10(-4)mol/l,1.0 × 10 (- 4) mol / L, wogonin 2.5 × 10 (- 4) mol / L, baicalein Ⅱ 2. five × Baicalin (- 10 mol / L) glucuronide-5-4 × 10(-4)mol/l,1.0 ×  10 (- 4) mol / L inhibited the lipid peroxidation of rat liver homogenate induced by fec12 vitamin c-adp mixture, significantly decreased the formation of liver MDA, and also inhibited the lipid peroxidation induced by NADPH ADP.

Anticancer: Scutellaria ether extract has cytotoxic effect on mouse leukemia L1210 cells, and the half effective amount is 10.4mg/ml. The half effective amount of Scutellaria flavone Ⅱ on mouse L1210 cells is 1.5 μ G / ml, baicalin, baicalein and wogonin had no significant effect on L1210.

Other effects: baicalein 10, 20mg / kg intravenously has diuretic effect on anesthetized dogs. Huangqin Decoction

4G / kg gavage can prevent and treat galactose cataract in rats and delay the formation of cataract. Baicalin has inhibitory effect on rat crystal aldose reductase, and its ID50 is 1.81 ×  10(-3)mg/ml。 Baicalin 150mg/kg by gavage did not significantly reduce the blood glucose level of diabetes rats induced by streptomelanin, but the content of sorbitol in erythrocytes decreased significantly after treatment, suggesting that baicalin also has the effect of inhibiting aldose enzyme in animals, which may be used for the prevention and treatment of complications of diabetes. Baicalin, baicalein and wogonin 50-125 μ G / ml had inhibitory effect on mouse liver sialidase. Baicalin 100mg / kg and glucuronic acid 43mg / kg can resist the death of mice caused by strychnine, while baicalein is ineffective. It is considered that the glucuronic acid hydrolyzed by baicalin has the detoxification effect. Chinese Skullcap Herb has a wide range of effects on the metabolism of PGs, and the water extract has an inhibitory effect on the biosynthesis of PGs.

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