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Introduction of the efficacy of radix scrophulariae

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Radix scrophulariae is a common Chinese herbal medicine in clinical practice, as well as a kind of health food material with tonifying effect. People can absorb rich nutrition after using radix scrophulariae, and prevent some high-incidence diseases. This kindbest scrophularia root - OkayHerb of Traditional Chinese medicine comes from the wild medicinal plant Radix scrophulariae, which is the underground root of the plant.

Efficacy and function of radix scrophulariae

1. Xuan shen tcm can nourish the body

Nourishing and strong body is the most important effect of radix scrophulariae, because contain natural polysaccharide in radix scrophulariae, alkaloid and saponins and volatile oil and so on the many kinds of beneficial nutrients, in addition it also contains carotene, vitamin b, vitamin a and other nutrients, which are beneficial to the human body, people can take these as soon as possible after taking it absorb nutrition, maintain normal metabolism of the body and can ease the body empty, Also can nourish strong body, enhance human physical quality.

2. Xuan shen tcm can purge fire detoxification

Figwort root is a purging fire detoxification of Chinese medicinal materials, it can clean up the toxic heat inside the body, the nature of the content and can accelerate the metabolism of the body toxins, can also play the important role of heat cool blood, to humans as a result of the heavy toxic heat fever, swollen and painful throat swelling and defecate dry knot butyl boils all have very good relief.

3. Xuan shen tcm can be a prevention of hypertension

Usually people take figwort root not only can nourish the body, still can prevent hypertension, because it contains flavonoids and saponins and polysaccharide substance that can be applied directly to the human cardiovascular, it can promote blood circulation, purify the blood and can enhance human vascular permeability, it can prevent blood vessel function decline, also can prevent blood pressure blood fat rise.

The contraindication of radix scrophulariae

Figwort root is a kind of medicinal effect particularly good Chinese herbal medicine, but it also have some taboo when taking, the most important thing is that it prohibits and astragalus root and dried ginger and jujube with a traditional Chinese medicinal materials together, or it will cause bad effect to human body health, and life of those who suffer from diarrhea, loose stools and taste xu han people can't take figwort, After they take it, they will make their physical symptoms worse.

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