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Houttuynia is beneficial to hemorrhoids

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Cordate houttuynia can treat hemorrhoids

Houttuynia cordata is something that many people don’t like to eat, and they don’t even want to smell it close. After all, the smell ofhouttuynia cordata health benefits-Okayherb houttuynia cordata is still very pungent. After chewing it in the mouth, the taste will be richer, but we can use it. Rhizome tea can reduce the pain of hemorrhoids, and it is more effective when used for external application!

Prevention is better than cure. If you want to say goodbye to hemorrhoids, you must maintain good habits, avoid sitting for a long time, exercise more, and drink plenty of water. The diet is mainly light, eat more high-fiber foods to avoid constipation. More sitz baths can clean the anus and relieve pain and itching.

Causes of hemorrhoids

With the development of the times and the increase in work intensity, many workers cannot escape the trouble of hemorrhoids.

Sitting for a long time will compress the local blood vessels, causing the blood to not circulate and forming hemorrhoids. There are also some patients who have hemorrhoids because of bad living habits. Sitting for a long time, eating spicy food for a long time, staying up late, drinking alcohol and other bad habits are all important factors that cause hemorrhoids.

Many patients are easily misled after they are sick, and the use of incorrect treatments can cause symptoms to worsen. In fact, the most important thing to treat hemorrhoids is to seize the opportunity. Generally, the golden treatment period for hemorrhoids is within two weeks after the onset of symptoms. The best way to treat hemorrhoids is conservative treatment. Conservative treatment can not only reduce the damage to the human body, but also repair the damage cell.

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