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Cultivation techniques of Coptis chinensis

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Cultivation mode of Coptis chinensis

The planting of Coptis chinensis needs seed selection, seedling raising, transplanting and other processes. Generally, the seedlings can be transplanted after 2 years, and can be transplanted in spring, summer and autumn. In the first 3 years after planting, the seedlings should be supplemented and weeded in time. For Coptis chinensis transplanted for 3 ~ 4 years, weed 3 or 4 times a year. From the second year, flower moss shall be removed in time except for planting plants. In the process of planting, we should adjust the shade degree according to the planting years and plant growth requirements.

Planting period of Coptis chinensishuang lian herb benefits - OkayHerb

There are three periods of planting every year: the first period is after the snow melts from February to March, before the new leaves of Coptis chinensis grow, the survival rate is high after planting. Soon after transplanting, new leaves grow, new roots grow well, and there are few dead seedlings after lodging. It is a better planting time. The masses call it "planting old leaves". The second period is from May to June. At this time, the new leaves have grown, the seedlings are large, the survival rate is high after planting, and the growth is also good. The masses call it "planting and climbing seedlings". However, it should not be later than July. Due to the high temperature in July, there are many dead seedlings after planting, serious loss of nest and poor growth. The third period is from September to October. Soon after planting, it enters the frost period. If it is not rooted stably, it will be frozen in winter and spring. It is easy to pull out seedlings by freezing, and the survival rate is low. It is only planted at this time in low warm and non freezing areas.

Seedling supplement of Coptis chinensis

After planting, dead seedlings of different degrees often fall out of their nests. About 10% of the seedlings die every year in the first, second and third years after planting. The seedlings should be supplemented in time. Generally, the seedlings should be supplemented twice. For the first time, in the autumn of that year, the seedlings of the same age should be supplemented with strong seedlings, which is easier to survive when transplanted with soil. The second seedling supplement is before the new leaves come out after snowing in the second year. In the high mountain areas with large freezing in winter, the seedlings planted in the autumn of the first year are often arched out of the ground, so it is necessary to check in detail after snowing. The seedlings arched out of the ground can still survive by pressing their hands into the soil. If dead seedlings are found, they should be replanted. After that, if it is found that there is a lack of seedlings, the seedlings equivalent to the seedlings should be transplanted with soil to make the growth consistent after planting.

Weed of Coptis chinensis

Because pre seedling weeding is adopted, it should be combined with chemical weeding. In the planting year and the next year, weeding should be carried out 4-5 times a year, 3-4 times a year in the third and fourth years, and once in the fifth year. When the grass has 2-3 leaves each time, use 250 grams of prometryne, 25-30 grams of simazine and 2 bags of rice field (produced in Yongchuan) at a time (only one of the three drugs is used), and mix it with 20-30 kilograms of sand or phosphorus fertilizer, In sunny afternoon or evening, and cloudy days, evenly spread it on mu of Coptis chinensis soil (only the net area of the car surface is calculated), and sweep it into the ground with bamboo poles or branches. Then, carefully observe whether there are weeds to be removed, and manually pull them out.

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