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Why does Chinese medicine have a way out only by modernization?

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I know that many people will fry the pan when they hear about the modernization of Chinese medicine, because the terrible status of Chinese medicine is related to the westernization of Chinese medicine, but I have to mention it. Culture should be with the times, no matter how much truth is contained in the system, if it cannot be recognized by the people, it is destined to be eliminated. This is the problem with Chinese medicine. It has been produced for thousands of years, and its language is dull and difficult to understand. Coupled with the westernized thinking of modern people, few people really understand it. If students do not understand Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine has no curative effect; if people do not understand Chinese medicine, there will be no market for Chinese medicine. It is precisely in this situation that Chinese medicine suffers from internal stress and external difficulties. There is actually only one way out for TCM to get rid of its predicament, and that is the modernization of TCM.

The modernization of Chinese medicine mentioned here is not the westernization of Chinese medicine, but the language that Chinese medicine can understand. When students understand the essence of Chinese medicine, they can learn Chinese medicine well and improve its curative effect. When citizens understand the advantages of Chinese medicine, they can give priority to Chinese medicine, so that the Chinese medicine market continues to expand. Qian Xuesen vigorously advocated the modernization of Chinese medicine back then. He said: "The future of medicine is the modernization of Chinese medicine, not in any other way." For this reason, he also stood on the height of system science and unified Chinese medicine, qigong, and special functions. Concept of human body science.

Many people always accuse TCM from the perspective of Western science for being unscientific, and constantly want to use Western medicine theories to transform TCM. As a result, theory and practice are divided, and TCM and TCM are divided. Not only has TCM made no progress, but it is also faster. The earth has declined. So how can Chinese medicine get out of the predicament and move towards a new life? It can be said that Qian Xuesen is far-sighted and shows us the direction. He said: "In order to preserve and develop Chinese medicine in our country, it is necessary to change its surface image on the premise of maintaining all the essence of Chinese medicine theory: using Marxist philosophy, using modern scientific language to express, without using the words and sentences in ancient medical books. , To write real modern Chinese medicine books. This requires a complete set of books, not one or a few books of another star, from human body theory to medical theory to clinical medicine." "So the modern elaboration of Chinese medicine is related to the traditions of the motherland." The life and death of medicine is a matter of life and death, and time is not for me!"

Indeed, many theories of Chinese medicine are now chaotically unclear, and each has its own rationale. I don't know who is closer to the reality of Chinese medicine. For example, the yin and yang theory, the five elements theory, the meridian theory, the mind governs the mind, the etiology and pathogenesis, and the pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine. It can be said that every expert has his own theory, but there can only be one truth, and the others are wrong. We continue to teach our mistakes to the next generation. Traditional Chinese medicine can only be one generation inferior to one generation, and it will eventually perish. What's more sad is that not only the mainstream scientific community opposes TCM, but even the professors and students of the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine continue to oppose TCM, because they only see the scientific nature of Western medicine, but fail to comprehend the inherent scientific nature of TCM.

Where is the scientific nature of Chinese medicine? After years of research, I finally found the key to the problem. That is, behind Chinese medicine is a scientific system completely different from Western science. To understand the scientific nature of Chinese medicine, this scientific system must be revealed. This scientific system is a systematic science based on the hypothesis of Qi monism.

Some people might say that Western systems science can't explain Chinese medicine either! Indeed, Western systems science is pieced together mechanically, because from its premises-atomic theory, it is only possible to deduce reduction theory, not system theory. It's just that people of insight in the West have realized the limitations of mechanical reductionism and amended it on the basis of reductionism.

China’s systems science is based on the hypothesis of Qi monism. It assumes that everything is unified. Reductionism is meaningless here, because everything is decomposed into the same unnamed thing, and it tells us nothing The answer is that the true laws of nature can only be the organization principles of matter. You can understand the hypothesis of Qi monism with your heart. It explains everything in nature with a kind of material gathering and dispersion. The accumulation of qi is the production of the material system, the dispersion of qi is the death of the material system, and the law of qi accumulation and dispersion is the life and death rule of the material system.

To understand Chinese medicine based on the monism of qi, the scientific nature of Chinese medicine is fully revealed to us. Take the theory of yin and yang as an example. In the past, people just regarded it as an empty philosophical imagination. But with the premise of Qi monism, the theory of yin and yang has become the disclosure of the most universal laws of nature. Here, yin is the orderly state of unified matter, yang is the disordered state of unified matter, and the transformation from yang to yin is The production of the material system and the transformation from yin to yang are the demise of the material system. The theory of yin and yang actually describes the regularity of the material system's production, development, growth, decline, and demise. If what reveals the most universal laws of nature is not called science, then what can be called science!

Western science is very scientific on the surface. In fact, you can just ask the scientists to reveal its true shape. It is "What is the law of nature that determines man?" You see who can answer it! Not to mention that man is a sacred object of nature and is not governed by the laws of nature at all. This is not true of Chinese medicine. It tells us clearly that human beings are an infinitely small part of nature, living in accordance with nature, and dying in violation of nature, and disease is nature's punishment for those who do not comply with it. Simply put, the whole nature determines the local people, and the whole society determines the local people. Although nature is changing and society is changing, the law that the whole determines the local will never change.

Just look at the basic theory of Chinese medicine:

Let us first look at the etiology of Chinese medicine: the overall nature determines the local people, and we conclude that the external cause of the disease is the intensification of the contradiction between man and nature; the overall environment determines the local cells, and we conclude that cytopathic disease is not the cause at all. , But the result of the disease, the real cause is the out-of-control of the overall management caused by the imbalance.

Let's look at the diagnostics of Chinese medicine again: the whole determines the part, and the part is a microcosm of the overall change. Therefore, we can explore the overall functional change from the local change and find out the cause of the disease.

Let's look at the therapeutics of Chinese medicine again: the power of the whole determines the local cells. As long as the overall management is restored, the diseased cells will change the evil and return to the right under the control of the overall power. Chinese medicine is the science of restoring the management of the human body.

Obviously, Chinese medicine is not unscientific, but a science that is closer to the truth. On the contrary, Western science still denies the relationship between man and nature and the relationship between the whole and the part based on the reason that it is impossible to observe that there is no existence, and then attribute the cause of the cause to the local cell pathology monotonously. The cause of the cause is wrong, and its treatment methods are as follows: Could it be correct?

The revitalization of modern Chinese medicine is on the agenda, but the modernization of Chinese medicine is the prerequisite for the revitalization of Chinese medicine. Without it, there is no hope for Chinese medicine. To modernize Chinese medicine, a brand-new scientific system must be established. Only in this way can the scientific nature of Chinese medicine be recognized by the world. At that time, the revitalization of Chinese medicine is expected.

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