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White Peony

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Hua Tuo likes to plant herbs as specimens to distinguish the authenticity of the medicine and prevent the wrong medicine from being used. He was planted with herbs in front and back of his house. One day, a foreign businessman saw that Hua Tuo loved to grow herbs, so he dug a peony flower from the mountain and gave it to Hua Tuo, and said to Hua Tuo: "This peony flower is originally wild. Everyone says it can cure diseases. Fake, I'll give you one, you can try to plant it." Hua Tuo planted this peony flower outside the window. In the spring of the following year, when the peony flowers bloom, Hua Tuo will taste the flowers first, and then the leaves. Since Hua Tuo hadn’t grasped the season of picking peony flowers, he didn’t understand that the spring peony flowers could not be used as medicine. He only felt that it had no medicinal smell and nothing special, so he left it there and kept putting it. I ignored it for several years.

One night, the night was quiet, the autumn breeze was cool, the moon was facing the window, and Hua Tuo was carefully writing medical books under the lamp, recording certain medicines for certain diseases one by one. While he was writing, he heard the cry of a woman outside the window. He looked up and saw a beautiful woman in green and red flowers facing the moonlight. "Ah! Whose child is this, crying out in the middle of the night, is there something wronged?" Hua Tuo went out to have a look, but looked around, but there was no half of a person, only the place where the woman was standing was seen. It is the peony flower with green branches and green leaves. Hua Tuo thought: Is it it? He looked at Peony Flower, shook his head, and said to himself: "Since you are efficacious, it is now in early autumn, and the flowers have already faded and the leaves are old, and they are of little use. Moreover, you have no wonders and cannot be used as medicine. Ah!" After that, he turned and went back to the house. As soon as I sat down in the room and heard the woman crying, she looked up and saw that it was still her. He came out again to see, but there was still no one. The place where the woman stood was still the peony flower. This happened several times in a row.

Hua Tuo felt very strange, so he woke his wife and told her what had happened just now. The wife said: "The flowers and plants in front of and behind this house are all planted by you. They have become good medicine in your hands. They have cured many diseases and saved many people. Only this peony flower is deserted there. The ground is useless. I thought: Maybe you didn’t take it to heart, you didn’t understand it, and it cried aggrieved.” Hua Tuo said, “I’ve tasted it many times, and the flower stems are useless, but How to use it as medicine." Madam said: "You have tasted all the stalks, have you tasted the roots?" Hua Tuo said again: "The stalks are useless, what else can you taste the roots." Mrs. Hua looked at him. I was a little impatient and didn't go any further. He just said, "Well, it's late, you can rest." Hua Tuo felt very tired, so he fell asleep.

The more Madam Hua thought about it, the more she couldn't fall asleep, the more she thought about it, the more strange she felt. She always felt that Shaohua's cry was wronged, and perhaps its usefulness has not been discovered yet. No, I have to think about it. When she got up in the morning, Mrs. Hua took a kitchen knife to cut vegetables, and when she accidentally scratched her hand with the kitchen knife, blood immediately appeared. The wife hurriedly called Hua Tuo. Hua Tuo took a look and hurriedly took the knife wound medicine and put it on the wound. But the blood still couldn't stop, it kept flowing out. Hua Tuo can't help it. The wife said, "Why don't you dig some peony roots and put them on for a try." Hua Tuo dug a little peony roots, pounded them into mud and applied them on the wound. Oh, it worked, and the blood stopped immediately. After a few days, the wound healed, and after it healed, there was no trace.

Hua Tuo said, "Thanks to you for reminding me, Madam that you bleed for it. If it weren't for you, you would have buried every good medicine." Later, Hua Tuo did a meticulous experiment on the peony flower and found that it can not only stop the bleeding. , Promote blood circulation, and have the effects of analgesia, nourishment, and menstrual regulation, so it is recorded in the "Qing Nang Jing", and a word of "medicine" called "peony flower" is added. Due to the cultivation experiment of Huatuo, peony was developed vigorously in Qiaoling (now Bozhou), and later developed to Sichuan, Hangzhou, Shaanxi and other places. It is white peony.

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