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What is vinegar xiangfu effect and benefits?

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Vinegar xiangfu, also known as xiangtou grass, turning back green, is the name of a Chinese traditional medicine, xiang fu wholesale - OkayHerbcyperaceae plant cyperus dry roots. Xiangfu, formerly known as "seacao", was first recorded in "Famous doctors Other records" and listed as a medium product. Tang Materia Medica began to be called xiangfuzi. Compendium of Materia Medica is listed in the Category of Grass, named "Cycas xiangfuzi", and says: "Saisha leaves are as hard as old leek leaves, shiny with sword ridges. In May and June, a stem with three ridges is hollow, and the stem ends are back with several leaves. Blue and white flowers are turned into ears like millet, and there are fine seeds in the roots and whiskers, which bear one or two seeds and turn to extend. "Plant name map examination" has a sweet attached broadcast map. The processing habits of cyperus officinalis used today are consistent with those recorded in ancient Chinese herbs. 

Xiang fu herb morphology : 

perennial herbaceous. There are creeping rhizomes slender, partly thickened into fusiform sometimes several conjoined. Stem erect, trigonal. Leaves clustered at stem base, leaf sheath closed above, leaf blade narrow linear, 20 ~ 60cm long, 2 ~ 5mm wide, apex acute, entire, with parallel veins, main veins on abaxially elevated, hard; Inflorescences spicate, 3 to 6 arranged in umbrella-like form at stem apex, 2 to 4 leaf-like involucre at base, several times as long as or longer than inflorescences; Spikelets broadly linear, slightly flattened, 1 -- 3cm long, ca. 1.5mm wide; Glume 2 rows, closely arranged, ovate to oblong ovate, ca. 3mm long, membranous, both sides purplish red, several veins; Each bearing 1 flower, stamens 3, threadlike; Stigma 3, filiform. Nuts oblong obovate, triangulate. Flowering from June to August. Fruit from July to November. Xiangfu effect qi jieyu, menstruation and pain relief. It is used for liver depression, qi stagnation, abdominal distension and pain in chest, hypochondriac and stomach, dyspepsia, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, cold hernia, abdominal pain and breast distention. Health to relieve the pain, vinegar stir-fry xiaoji pain, wine stir-fry tongluo pain, fried charcoal hemostasis.

The efficacy of vinegar xiangfu

1. Effect on uterus

5% flow extract of radix aconiti, can inhibit the contraction of isolated uterus (pregnant and not pregnant) of guinea pig, rabbit, cat, dog and so on, and relaxant effect of uterine muscle tension, similar to angelica flow extract, but weak. The oil contained in rhizome has a weak estrogenic effect.

2. Analgesic effect

The pain threshold of mice was significantly increased by subcutaneous injection of 20% alcohol extract 0.5 ml /20 g body weight of Fructus fragrans (collected from Guiyang) with mouse electric plate stimulation method.

3. Antibacterial effect

Root tubers have antibacterial action and their extracts have inhibitory effect on some fungi.

4. Straighten out qi and relieve depression

For liver qi stagnation of chest and stomach distension pain. With Bupleurum, green bark for chest and hypochondriac pain. With galangal (mingliangfu pills) to treat stomach cold pain.

5. Regulate menstruation and relieve pain

For liver qi stagnation of menstrual irregularities, abdominal pain. With Artemisia argyi treatment of cold coagulation qi stagnation through abdominal pain.

Pharmacological action of acanthopanax

1. Antipyretic: Alcohol extract has antipyretic effect on yeast induced fever in rats. After 39 minutes, the normal body temperature of rats could be significantly reduced. The cooling effect was stronger than that of chlorpromazine, but the action time was shorter.

2. Sedation: peritoneal injection of subthreshold dose of pentobarbital sodium in volatile oil mice had synergistic hypnotic effect. After intravenous injection of volatile oil, the righting reflex, pain response and corneal reflex disappeared rapidly, and the phenomenon of limb stiffness was observed.

3. Anti-inflammatory: When the alcohol extract was injected intraperitoneally in rats, the foot swelling caused by carrageenan and formaldehyde could be significantly inhibited. It is stronger than 5 ~ 10mg/kg hydrocortisone, and the active components are triterpenoids of cyperus officinalis.

4. Analgesia: Subcutaneous injection of alcohol extract in mice can significantly improve the pain threshold. The analgesic effect of 5ml/kg triterpenoid compound of cyperus palmatum was equivalent to that of 30mg/kg acetylsalicylic acid.

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