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What is sanguisorba burnet?

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sanguisorba is also known as Cucumber Fragrant, Yuzha, Mountain Jujube. Although they are mostly born in the wilderness,cheap sanguisorba burnet - Okayherb they have an elegant posture.

Because it has the fragrance of cucumber, the taste is refreshing, the fresh and tender leaves and flowers can be used as dishes for cooking porridge and soup, which can clear heat and cool blood, relieve liver and reduce blood pressure; direct raw food can be used as a salad or paired with sushi, not only It is pleasing to the eye, and the taste is fresh and delicious; it is even more unique when it is drunk directly in water and added to various beer beverages.

Sanguisorba officinalis features

At first glance in the distance, you might think that the fruit of mulberry fell from the tree into the grass. Ulmus is a perennial herb of the genus Ulmus of Rosaceae, widely distributed in the northern temperate regions of Asia and Europe, and found in most provinces of China. It is often born in shrubs, hillside grasslands, grasslands, meadows and sparse forests. Because of its unique medicinal value, artificial introduction and cultivation have begun.

Stems erect, ribbed, and glabrous. The stems of this elm are very thin, except for the places near the ground, there are basically no leaves on it, and it feels like a big-headed doll with a big head and a thin body.

The base is pinnately compound leaves alternate, with 4-6 pairs of leaflets, the petiole is glabrous or has sparse glandular hairs at the base, the leaflets have short stalks, oval or oblong ovoid, and the edges have many thick round blunt sharp sharp serrations, Both sides are green and hairless; there are few stem leaves, small leaves with short stalk to almost sessile, oblong to oblong-lanceolate, with sharp serrations on the outer edge.

The flowers are small, densely clustered and grow round spikes, cylindrical or ovoid, erect, open from the top of the inflorescence downwards, peduncle slender, smooth or occasionally sparse glandular hairs.

Tepals 4-lobed, lobes elliptic or broadly ovate. The achenes are elliptical or ovoid, with 4 longitudinal edges and narrow wings, and the fruits are all enclosed in the calyx tube. Flowering period from July to October, fruiting period from September to November.

Sanguisorba officinalis medicinal value

The main medicinal parts of Sanguis sylvestris are its spindle-shaped or cylindrical roots, which are excavated before germination in spring or after the seedlings withered in autumn. The residual stems and fibrous roots are removed, and thick slices are washed and dried. The biggest effect of Sanyu used as medicine is that its astringent effect can stop bleeding and stop diarrhea in the gastrointestinal tract; it can reduce exudation when used on burns; the effective ingredients produced by special processing can penetrate into the deep layer of hair follicles and are powerfully sterilized. Quickly eliminate the redness and swelling of acne. Sanyu has astringent effect, which can shrink large pores and make the skin clean and delicate. (This effect is simply awesome. There is no wood. It is estimated that many friends have already been moved by it)

In addition, the traditional Chinese medicine Sanyu has the effect of increasing white blood cells and treating chronic osteomyelitis.

In addition to edible and medicinal use, the leaves are beautiful, the flower color is beautiful, and the slender flower spikes are swaying in the wind. The posture is more pitiful, non-toxic and harmless, and has low requirements for the growth environment. It has become an artificial garden. The new favorite of green plants for landscape modeling.

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