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What is lindera aggregata effect?

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Wuyao is a kind of Chinese medicine name. It is the dried root tuber of the Lauraceae plant Aconite. It can be excavatedkidney health supplements price - OkayHerb throughout the year, fine roots are removed, washed, sliced fresh, dried, or dried directly.

This product is mostly fusiform, slightly curved, and some of the middle part shrinks into a bead shape, 6-15cm long and 1-3cm in diameter. The surface is yellow-brown or yellow-brown, with longitudinal wrinkles and sparse fine root marks. Hard quality. The slice thickness is 0.2~2mm, the cut surface is yellow-white or light yellow-brown, the rays are radiating, the meridian ring pattern is visible, and the center is darker in color. The air is fragrant, the taste is slightly bitter, pungent, and it has a cooling sensation.

The effect of lindera aggregata

Smooth air, open depression, dispel cold, relieve pain. Cure qi, chest and abdomen pain, lack of food, nausea, vomiting, cold hernia, athlete's foot, frequent urination.

Qi-invigorating and pain-relieving: 

①Used for stagnation of qi in the cold and cold abdomen. It can be used with agarwood, ginger, and Codonopsis pilosula, such as Wuchen Decoction. 

②It is used for chest and diaphragm nausea, loss of appetite, and can be used together with agarwood, betel nut, and dangshen, such as Si Mo soup. 

③It is used for small intestinal hernia caused by cold condensing qi stagnation. It can be used together with fennel, neem seed, woody, galangal, green peel, betel nut, and croton, such as Tiantai Wuyao San. 

④For patients with qi stagnation and abdominal pain and menstrual cramps, it can be used together with Angelica and Muxiang, such as Wuyao Decoction.

Warming the kidney and dispelling cold: Used for frequent urination due to deficiency and cold. It can be mixed with Yizhiren and Chinese yam to grind the powder. Rice wine is a pill, 3 times a day, 9 grams each time, with light salt water, such as Shuoquan pill.

The traditional Chinese medicine Wuyao can also warm the kidneys and dispel cold, and remove the air-conditioning of the bladder. It is used to treat insufficient kidney yang, frequent urination due to cold bladder, and enuresis in children. It is often used together with Yizhiren and Chinese yam, such as Shuoquan Pills.

The traditional Chinese medicine Wuyao is pungent and fragrant. It is good at dredging the Qi machine, dispelling cold and relieving pain, so all syndromes of cold stagnation and qi stagnation can be used. It can be used to treat cold stagnation and qi stagnation, chest tightness and hypochondriac pain. It can be used with melon and turmeric; it is often used to treat cold stagnation and qi stagnation, abdominal distension and pain. Qingpi is equivalent to use, such as Tiantai Wuyao San; for abdominal pain during menstruation, it is often used the same with Cyperus rotundus and Angelica, such as Wuyao Decoction.

Clinical application of lindera aggregata

Treat flatulence and flatulence after surgery.

Treatment of frequent urination caused by urinary tract syndrome and prostatitis.

Treat rheumatism and low back pain.

Treat dysmenorrhea and leucorrhea.

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