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What are the effects of American ginseng?

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Core reminder of american ginseng supplement:

American ginseng, as a Chinese medicinal material that most people are familiar with, has many benefits. However, many peoplebest american ginseng supplement - Okayherb don't know whether they are really suitable for taking American ginseng. Blindly tonic may have some side effects, which can be counterproductive.

"Want to nourish yin and qi, nourish the five internal organs? Isn't it enough to eat more American ginseng?""I don't want to eat it. How easy it is to get angry with things like 'ginseng'.""You are ignorant. The biggest advantage of American ginseng is that it never makes people feel dry and irritated. If you eat more, it has many effects and does not get irritated. The benefits are many."

American ginseng is known as "no fire ginseng." Zhang Xichun, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, once said, "Anyone who wants to use ginseng without being warmed by ginseng can use it." The American ginseng should be praised. Because of its magical effects and the high prices on the market, many middle-aged and elderly people buy American ginseng for health supplements. But the heartbreaking thing is that many people don’t know how to use American ginseng, and some people are not even suitable for taking American ginseng. This not only makes American ginseng lose its expected effect, but also costs money in vain. Breaking down again"!

Functions of American Ginseng

American ginseng is a perennial herb of the genus ginseng. It has a cool nature, sweet and slightly bitter taste, and has the effects of nourishing yin and qi, and nourishing yin. It can replenish vitality for the body, clear dry fire, and relieve fatigue. It is a traditional Chinese medicine with a remarkable effect.

Modern pharmacological research shows that American ginseng also has a significant effect in treating some clinical symptoms. American ginseng has the effects of strengthening the heart muscle, expanding blood vessels, and delaying atherosclerosis, so it is often used in the treatment of coronary heart disease and angina pectoris. [1] In addition, American ginseng can also be used as a nutritional supplement after surgery to restore the body's resistance.

There are several ways to take American ginseng. The first is to chew directly. Cut the American ginseng into thin slices and put it in your mouth. Chew it carefully for 2-4 minutes and and then swallow it to maximize its effect. The second method is buccal, that is, the American ginseng slices are directly eaten into the mouth without chewing, and then swallowed after a period of time. The last method is brewing. Put American ginseng slices into a cup of water, add hot water to soak for 10 minutes and drink it. You can make it repeatedly.

Applicable people of American ginseng

Because American ginseng has the effect of replenishing vitality, it is very suitable for office workers who usually feel tired, especially those with symptoms of anemia and dizziness. In addition, the frail elderly can also take American ginseng.

However, the following categories of people are not suitable for taking American ginseng.

Insufficient yang, dampness and cold in the stomach. The medicinal nature of American ginseng is cold so people who have cold hands and feet, thin stools, chills, cold constitution, or dampness in the spleen and stomach, taking American ginseng will damage the yang energy and worsen the condition.

There is heat and constipation in the body. Those who are full of energy, have a warm body, have a strong pulse, and have difficulty in urinating and defecate but are not suitable for taking American ginseng. 

A cold and fever. Because the metabolic rate in the body rises when fever occurs, blood flow is accelerated, and heart palpitations are severe. At this time, taking American ginseng will cause blood vessels to dilate, make the heart palpitations worse, not conducive to recovery, and make the condition more serious.

Hypertensive patients. Such patients should not take American ginseng, because American ginseng has a two-way regulating effect on blood pressure. Once taken too much, it will increase blood pressure and endanger cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

Insomnia, irritability. People who often suffer from insomnia and feel anxious and irritable also belong to the type of excessive irritation in the body. Taking American ginseng at this time may lead to worse sleep quality.

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