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The effect of garden burnet root

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Ulmus officinalis is a perennial herb of The genus Ulmus officinalis in rosaceae, with fusiform thick roots, short petiolate leaflets, best sanguisorba burnet - OkayHerbpurplish red petals and calyx tube containing fruit. It is also known as "Yellow claw xiang", "Yuza", "yuzi" or "sour zhe". Distributed in the north temperate zone of Asia, widely distributed in Europe and China, growing at altitudes of 30 m to 3000 m, often in thickets, hillside grassland, grassland, meadow and sparse forest, has been artificially introduced cultivation.

The main value of the sanguisorbae radix

Consumption function

General spring and summer collection of tender seedlings, tender stem leaves or flower ears, with boiling water after the change of water immersion, remove the bitter taste, generally used for fried food, do soup and pickles, can also do salad, because of its cucumber fragrance, do soup put a few pieces of Elm leaves more delicious; It can also be soaked in beer or a cool drink to add flavor.

Ornamental effect

The leaves of ulmus sanguinis are beautiful in shape, and the purple red inflorescence is swaying between the green leaves, which is noble and elegant, and can be used as the background of flowers or planted in gardens and gardens for viewing.

Medicinal effect of sanguisorbae radix

Ground elm root medicine, mild cold, bitter taste. Modern medical research has proved that: Ground elm has hemostasis and cooling blood, clearing heat and detoxification, convergence and inhibition of a variety of pathogenic microorganisms and tumor, can treat vomiting blood, blood dysentery, burning burn, eczema, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding ulcer disease, hematochezia, bleeding, tuberculosis abscess and chronic osteomyelitis and other diseases.

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