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Radix paeoniae introduction of processing method and efficacy

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Processing methods of chi shao chinese herb

1. Red peony root: take the original medicine, remove impurities, separate size, wash, moisten, cut the garden or oblique pieces, paeonia herb wholesale - OkayHerbdry, sieve debris.

2. Stir-fry the red peony root: take the red peony root slices, put them in a preheated stir-fry container, heat them gently until the color becomes darker, take them out to cool, sieve to remove the crumbs.

3. Wine red peony root: take the red peony root piece, add yellow rice wine and mix well, slightly depressed, after the wine is sucked up, put in the preheated stir-fry container, heat with gentle fire, stir-fry until slightly yellow, take out to cool, sieve to remove debris. (For every 100Kg of red peony root, use 12kg of yellow rice wine.)

Chi shao chinese herb characteristics:

1. Red peony root: it is a kind of circular slice or oblique slice, 0.5 ~ 3cm in diameter and 0.3 ~ 0.5cm in thickness. The surface is powdery white or pink, the center has radial grain, the skin part is narrow, some have fissure. The perimeter is taupe. It's hard and crisp. Taste slightly bitter. The content of paeoniflorin (C23H28O11) should not be less than 1.5% as determined by the above method.

2. Stir - fried red peony root: color deepen, occasionally have burnt spot.

3. Red peony root: slight yellow, slightly wine smell.

Efficacy function of chi shao chinese herb

Main temperature toxic hair spots; Bleeding epistaxis; Intestinal subwind-induced blood; Eye swelling and pain; Carbuncle sore; Amenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea. Collapse zone leachate; Stasis hypochondriac pain; 1. hernia accumulation Fall injury. It could be used in erythema, bleeding epistaxis, eye redness and pain, liver depression and hypochasm, dysmenorrhea, lump, fall injury and carbuncle.

1. Red peony root: taste bitter, slightly cold sex. Liver meridian. It has the functions of clearing heat and cooling blood, dispersing stasis and relieving pain. The raw peony root wins by clearing heat and cooling blood. It is mainly used for body heat hemorrhage, red swelling and pain, carbuncle swelling and sore toxin.

2. Stir-fried red peony root: after stir-fried medicine to moderate, huoxue pain without injury, can be used for stasis pain.

3. Wine peony root: to promote blood circulation and disperse blood stasis, clearing heat and cooling blood effect is weak. Used for amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea, fall injury.

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