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Preservation and conditioning of leather

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Leather's natural fibers break down over time. Acid leather is particularly susceptible to red rot,which causes chalking of the surface and changes in consistency.High temperatures and relative humidity can exacerbate red rot damage.Although it is chemically irreversible,treatment can increase handling strength and prevent red rot leather from breaking down.Prolonged exposure to low relative humidity (below 40%) can cause the leather to dry out,irreversibly altering the leather's fibrous structure.Chemical damage can also occur from exposure to environmental factors,including ultraviolet light,ozone,acids from sulfur-and nitrogen-containing pollutants in the air,or chemical action following treatment with tallow or oil compounds.Oxidative and chemical damage occurs faster at higher temperatures.There are few ways to properly care for and clean leather items such as using a damp cloth,avoid using a damp cloth or soaking the leather in water.Various treatments, such as conditioners,are available.Saddle Soap is used to clean,condition and soften leather.Leather shoes are widely conditioned with shoe polish.

In modern culture Leather

Due to its excellent abrasion resistance and wind resistance,the leather can be used in rugged occupations.The enduring image of cowboys in leather pants was replaced by aviators in leather jackets and helmets.When motorcycles were invented,some riders began wearing heavy leather jackets to protect them from bumps and winds on the road;some also wore chaps or full leather pants to protect their lower bodies.The flexibility of the leather allows it to be shaped into balls and protective gear.Subsequently, many sports used equipment made of leather, such as baseball gloves and balls for cricket and rugby.Leather fetish is a name commonly used to describe a fetish attraction to someone who wears leather,or in some cases to the garment itself.Many rock bands (especially heavy metal and punk bands in the 1970s and 80s) were known for wearing leather.Extreme metal bands (especially black metal bands) and goth rock bands make heavy use of black leather.Leather has become less and less common in the punk community over the past three decades, as pro-animal rights punks objected to its use.Many cars and trucks have optional or standard leather or "leather-sided" seats.

Religious sensitivities

In countries with a large population following a religion that restricts the choice of materials,suppliers will often clarify the origin of the leather in their products.Such labeling helps facilitate religious rituals so,for example,Muslims don't accidentally buy pigskin,or Hindus avoid cowhide.These taboos increased the demand for religiously neutral leathers such as ostrich and buckskin.

Judaism prohibits the wearing of comfortable leather shoes on Yom Kippur,Tisha B'Av and during mourning.

Leather is forbidden in Jainism because it is obtained by killing animals.


Various forms of artificial leather have been developed,usually involving the application of a polyurethane or vinyl coating to a cloth backing.This faux leather goes by many names and brands, including "pleather," a portmanteau of "plastic leather," and the brand name Naugahyde.Another option is artificial leather, which is grown in the laboratory using cell culture methods mushroom-based materials and gelatin-based textiles made from upcycled meat industry waste.Leather made from fungi or mushroom-based materials is fully biodegradable.

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