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Poria cocos in drinking water is good for the body

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Ten people have nine spleen deficiency. Spleen deficiency is a common phenomenon now. The spleen is the biochemical sourcebuy fu ling chinese herbs- Okayherb of qi and blood. Once the spleen is weak, the body is prone to lack of qi and blood, weakened immunity, and weak and sickly. Poria has a good effect of invigorating the spleen and warming the spleen. It can benefit the spleen and stomach. If you insist on drinking with Poria soaked in water, the problem of spleen deficiency may be improved.

Fu ling's benefits for body

Fu ling chinese herbs oozes dampness

Drinking it often by soaking in water can play a good role in dispelling dampness. It is winter now, and the air is relatively cold. In addition, some people have intemperate eating and bad habits, and a lot of moisture and cold accumulate in the body. The body is severely wet and cold, which is very unhealthy and can cause many problems in the body. Poria diuretic water is also warm and nourishing. Drink some Poria water regularly ,and the wet cold can be excreted from the body.

Poria Cocos Extract granula can also help sleep

Many people now suffer from insomnia. They are either unable to fall asleep, or wake up easily after falling asleep, or have short sleep. They wake up at one to three or four o'clock every day, and their sleep quality is very poor. drinking Poria water regularly can help you calm your mind, regulate your blood, and improve insomnia.

 Poria cocos supplement  can also regulate the body's immunity

 People with poor immunity often use Poria soaked in water to drink, which can help you strengthen your physique and improve your immunity. People with poor immunity and frequent physical problems may wish to drink some Poria water regularly to gradually strengthen their bodies.

Poria can not only be used alone to soak in water, but when they are combined with the following ingredients, the benefits to the body will be doubled.

Hawthorn is a common food in life. It can be drunk with Poria cocos in water. Poria has the effect of regulating qi and blood. Hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. When combined with soaking in water, it can improve the blood circulation of the body, and can help us stabilize blood pressure and assist in lowering blood pressure. People with high blood pressure can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems by drinking some Poria and Hawthorn water in moderation.

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