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Pharmacological effects of Galangal

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(1) The effect of galangal on the digestive system

Regulate stomach function

The decoction can strongly inhibit gastrointestinal propulsive movement, but also promote gastric emptation. The 1:1 mixture of rhizome alpinia galanga bulk - OkayHerbgalangal and evodia officinalis can inhibit stress ulcer in rats, inhibit gastric motility, reduce gastric tension, reduce gastric contraction and inhibit gastric acid secretion.

Regulate intestinal function

Its water decoction has the effect of stimulating the intestine, can resist atropine, adrenaline caused by intestinal activity, its role is through histamine-like and anti-adrenaline-like action and excited intestine. Galangal also contains substances to inhibit histamine-induced intestinal contraction, which can significantly inhibit the tension and contraction amplitude of rabbit intestine, showing a similar atropine effect.

Resisting gastric ulcer

The water extract can obviously resist the stress ulcer caused by water immersion and prevent the acute injury of gastric mucosa caused by necrotic substances.

Promotes gastric juice secretion

The total acid excretion was three times as much as that of the control group within 3 hours after intragastric infusion. At the same time, the animal vomited more and the mucus in the gastric juice increased.

Anti diarrhea

The water extract of castor oil and senna leaf had obvious antagonistic effect on diarrhea.


The water extract had obvious cholagogic effect when given into duodenum.

(2) Effects of galangal on circulatory system

Promote microcirculation

Has a quick analgesic effect on angina. The time of epinephrine induced microvasoconstriction in mice was significantly delayed, and the expansion of vascular diameter was significantly earlier than ligusticum chuanxiong.

Anticoagulant, antithrombotic and antipolymer

Its water extract has anticoagulant effect, can delay the formation of experimental thrombus, and has obvious inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation in rabbits.

Myocardial protection

Its water extract has a certain protective effect on platelet aggregation and myocardial injury caused by stress state. Galangal can obviously reduce the content of triglyceride in serum and liver.

(3)Galangal has anti-inflammatory analgesia

The anti-inflammatory

The water extract could inhibit auricle swelling, foot swelling and capillary permeability in mice.


The water extract inhibited the writhing reaction and prolonged the response to heat pain stimulation in mice. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects may be related to inhibiting the release of prostatic synthesis.

(4)Others of galangal

Improve hypoxia tolerance

The water extract can prolong the survival time of mice poisoned by KCN, improve the oxygen utilization capacity of mice under hypoxia condition, and slow down the consumption rate.


The ethanol extract had obvious inhibitory effect on S180 in mice. The seven compounds of piperol and eugenol have anticancer effects.

Antibacterial, antifungal

The decoction had different degree of antibacterial action against lo species of Gram-positive bacteria. Three piperol derivatives showed strong antifungal activity.

Clinical application of galangal

Treatment of chronic gastritis, bile reflux gastritis and gastric pain of ulcer disease.

Treatment of indigestion and loss of appetite.

Treatment of chronic enteritis, thin stool.

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