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Morinda officinalis: the medicinal value and efficacy

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Introduction to morinda officinalis root

Morinda officinalis is the root of the Rubiaceae plant Morinda officinalis. It is 3~13cm long, 1.5~5cm wide, the tip is short and tapered, and theba ji tian benefits - OkayHerb base is blunt or round. Mainly produced in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and other places. Can be excavated throughout the year. Remove the fibrous roots and dry them slightly. When used, it is moisturized or steamed to remove the woody core, cut off, and use raw, broiled in salt water or use licorice decoction to get the juice and boil it. Indications of impotence and spermatorrhea, cold uterus and infertility, irregular menstruation, cold pain in the abdomen, arthralgia due to rheumatism, weak muscles and bones.

Invigorate kidney yang, strengthen muscles and bones, and dispel rheumatism. Cure impotence, reduce abdomen pain, incontinence to urinate, uterine deficiency and cold, wind-cold dampness, waist and knee pain.

The medicinal value of radix morindae officinalis

1. To cure the deficiency and Yang Dao without lifting, five labors, seven injuries and all kinds of diseases. Can eat, breathe: Morinda officinalis and Achyranthes each have three catties. Soak it with five buckets of wine, remove it and take it warmly. It will often make the wine drunk and avoid drunkenness and vomiting. ("A Thousand Gold Prescriptions")

2. Treat the woman's uterus for a long period of time, the moon pulse is irregular, more or less, under the red white belt: Morinda officinalis, ginger, Zijinteng 16 taels, green salt 2 taels, cinnamon (removed coarse skin), Four or two each of Evodia. The top is the end, and the wine paste is the pill. Twenty pills per serving, warm salt wine is delivered, and salt soup is also given. One service at midday and one at night. ("Gufang" Morinda Pills)

3. Treatment of wind-cold waist and hip pain, no walking: one and two half of Morinda officinalis, two and two achyranthes (to remove seedlings), one and two halves of Qianghuo, one and two halves of Guixin, one and two halves of five eggplant skin, and two and two of Eucommia ( Peel off the rough skin, roast slightly yellow, judged), and dry ginger in half (cracked, judged). The pill is as big as a Chinese phoenix tree. Before eating, drink 30 pills with warm wine. ("Sheng Huifang" Morinda Pills)

4. Treatment of urination: Yizhiren, Morinda officinalis (to the heart, two flavors are boiled with green salt and wine), mulberry cuttlefish, rabbit silk (wine steamed) are divided into equal parts. For the fine powder, the wine is boiled and the paste is made into pills, like Wutongzi. Twenty pills per serving, delivered with salt wine or salt soup before eating. ("Wonderful Recipe")

5. Treatment of white turbidity: dodder seeds (boiled in wine for a day, toasted), morinda (heart removed, soaked in wine), broken paper (fried), antler, yam, red stone fat, five flavors in one or two each. The top is the end, wine paste pills. Under the hollow salt soup. ("Pujifang")

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