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How to make authentic Danshen soaking wine?

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Danshen has a very obvious effect on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Although it tastes slightly bitter, it has many benefits to the body after taking it, and it is favored by more and more health-preserving people. Many people will use Danshen to soak in wine, and its effect is doubled! So what is the magic of Danshen soaking wine? Let's take a look today!

The role and efficacy of dan shen chinese herb

1. Danshen root can prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

The main function of Danshen is to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. For patients with cardiovascular disease,dan shen benefits - Okayherb taking a little Danshen at ordinary times will make the body healthier.

2. Radix salviae miltiorrhizae activates blood to remove blood stasis

Salvia miltiorrhiza can play a good role in regulating dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea in women.

3. Dan shen can improve heart function

After entering the body, Danshen can effectively expand the coronary arteries, increase blood flow and prevent arteriosclerosis.

4. Salvia miltiorrhiza herb can delay aging

The substances contained in Danshen can improve the activity of human cells, and can eliminate and inhibit the enzymes that promote human aging.

5. Radix salviae miltiorrhizae can protect the liver

The substances contained in Danshen can inhibit the necrosis of liver cells, and can effectively inhibit some bacteria, especially Mycobacterium tuberculosis, to avoid tuberculosis.

6. Dan shen chinese herb lowering blood lipids

Salvia miltiorrhiza has the function of lowering blood lipids, and at the same time it can inhibit the formation of coronary atherosclerosis, and effectively protect the health of the body.

The recipe of Danshen soaking wine

[Medicinal Wine Formula] 300g Salvia Miltiorrhiza, and 5000ml Guyangkang no-additive sparkling wine.

[Preparation method] Put the salvia in Guyangkang special wine without additives, seal it, soak it for 7 days, remove the residue and drink it.

[Efficacy]Invigorate qi and promote blood circulation, enhance immunity.

[Taking method] Oral: 15-20 ml each time, 2 times a day.

Note: The above formulas for sparkling wine are for reference only, and the specific operation must be carried out under the guidance of a professional physician. Please follow your doctor's advice when taking therapeutic medicinal liquor and drink it in moderation.

Precautions for danshen soaking wine

1. What kind of liquor is best for salvia miltiorrhiza herb soaking medicinal wine?

According to media reports, 70% of the liquor on the market is edible alcohol blended liquor. For cost reasons, the proportion of low-end liquor is higher. Many of them are obviously edible alcohol blended liquor, but they say that they are brewed from pure grain. Why dare you say that? Because of edible alcohol It is also made from grain, saying that it is a grain wine and nothing is wrong, but this is not a true no-added grain wine. The difference between edible alcoholic wine and non-added grain wine is that non-added grain wine is naturally fermented and contains a variety of beneficial substances, while edible alcoholic wine is not good for people due to various additives, and it will destroy the nutrition and taste of Salvia miltiorrhiza. Therefore, Danshen soaking wine must choose the best wine without additives. I use Gu Yangkang's wine without additives.

2. What container is better for dan shen chinese herb soaking wine?

Pottery jars or glassware or ceramics should be used to make red sage wine. Do not use plastic and metal to soak wine. Plastic and metal packaging will release harmful substances. This is not the case with glass and ceramics. Of course, glass and ceramics must be lead-free, which is safer and healthier. This is another reason why I use Gu Yangkang's no-added grain wine. It is lead-free and environmentally friendly. The glass and bottle design is also very user-friendly. The wine is not full, and a few thousand milliliters are specially reserved. Fruits can be added directly, eliminating the need to buy wine and sparkling wine bottles, which is very convenient.

Precautions for choosing salvia miltiorrhiza herb

Danshen soaking wine must choose high-quality Danshen. First, it must be of good quality and effective, and second, it must not have additives. This is also my standard for selecting raw materials, otherwise it will have no effect or even affect health. I use Qianlingshan without added Danshen.

Only when the wine, container, and salvia are of good quality can the brewed salvia wine be delicious and effective. If one of them is of poor quality, it will inevitably affect the overall effect. Frequently asked questions about danshen Soaking Wine.

What are the contraindications for taking radix salviae miltiorrhizae soaking wine?

1. Long-term use of Danshen will stimulate the stomach and cause symptoms such as acid reflux in varying degrees, so it is not suitable for long-term use.

2. Danshen can inhibit platelet aggregation and reduce blood viscosity. If taken together with aspirin, it is equivalent to increasing the dose of aspirin, which can easily lead to bleeding.

3. Do not use it with acidic foods: Dan is used together with acidic foods and it may be inconsistent.

4. Don't take Danshen together with sheep's liver. The iron, calcium, and magnesium ions contained in sheep liver species will react with ketone oxygen and reduce the efficacy of Danshen.

What container is used for dan shen soaking wine?

If the container used in the production of salvia is a metal bottle, the medicinal properties will be weakened, which is not good for health. It is best to use lead-free glass soaking cans to make medicated liquor.

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