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Four Chinese medicines that can replace tea

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Ophiopogon has benefits for health

Ophiopogon is a commonly used medicine for nourishing yin and clearing heat in traditional Chinese medicine. Ophiopogonbest american ginseng- Okayherb japonicus can improve the heart function of the elderly, improve the function of pancreatic islet cells and the nerve center, and have certain anti-inflammatory, antitussive, expectorant, anti-asthmatic and diuretic effects. Brew offspring tea with boiled water, 3 to 10 grams each time, once a day. 

Lycium barbarum can replace tea

Lycium barbarum is a product of nourishing yin and blood, improving vitality, improving eyesight, and prolonging life. Lycium barbarum can lower blood sugar, lower serum cholesterol, and prevent the formation of arteriosclerosis to a certain extent. It can also regulate immune function and is very suitable for long-term use by the elderly. Boiled water in summer to replace tea, 3-10 grams each time.

Cassia seed has a certain effect on lowering blood lipids and blood pressure

Cassia seed has the effects of clearing heat and improving eyesight, moistening the intestines and laxative, and clearing liver fire. Cassia seed also has a certain effect on lowering blood lipids and blood pressure. You can take 10-15 grams of sauteed cassia seeds and brew them in plain water for 15 minutes. The aroma of the medicine will overflow when drinking. The color will gradually darken like coffee, and discard when the color fades after a few brews.

Quinquefolius ginseng benefits for body

American ginseng has a cold nature, which can nourish yin and nourish qi. It is a good product for supplementing qi and yin in Chinese medicine. American ginseng has the effects of enhancing the body's immunity, anti-tumor and anti-radiation, and has a good effect on improving the common symptoms of irritability, sultry and thirst in summer in patients with heart disease. Brew ginseng tablets or ginseng mustard in boiling water, cover for 5 minutes and drink, 3-6 grams per day.

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