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Do you know saffron health care?

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The efficacy and contraindications of Iranian safflower petals

Safflower Tea for sale - Okayherb Do you want to know? Do you know what are the effects of saffron soaking in water? Let's take a look at the related content of saffron with the editor!

The application of saffron is very extensive. In some foreign countries, saffron is a very indispensable food spice for you. In China, it is used as a very precious Chinese medicinal material. So far, people like to use saffron. Soak in water to drink, which has the effect of health care. (My friend has drunk it for many years and recommended me to buy Ikant saffron.)

Let us understand the effect of soaking saffron in water. Before that, let us briefly understand how saffron is soaked in water. How to drink saffron in water 1. Wash the glass for later use. 2. Take 3-8 saffron and place it in a clean glass. 3. Brew the saffron with boiling water. 4. Drink after standing for a few minutes. After refilling the cup 4 or 5 times, take it with the filaments.

The effect of carthamus safflower soaked in water

The main function of saffron is blood, which has the functions of nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation, replenishing blood, promoting blood circulation, and regulating blood. In addition, saffron also has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, cooling blood and detoxifying, relieving depression and calming nerves, and beautifying and beautifying. It has significant effects on regulating liver and kidney function, regulating three levels, and anti-tumor and cancer. Soaking saffron in water is asafflower petals benefits - Okayherb commonly used method of saffron.

1. Drinking carthamus safflower tea often can prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 

According to medical research, drinking a moderate amount of saffron has a protective effect on the human heart, lowers blood pressure, and has a significant effect on cardio-cerebrovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

2. Use safflower petals soaked in water to drink, which can effectively regulate endocrine. 

Regular drinking of saffron soaking in water can promote the circulation of the body's blood, improve the blood oxygen supply capacity, timely regulate the human endocrine system, and improve the body's immunity and resistance. Play the effect of enhancing physical fitness.

3. Carthamus tinctorius flower soaking in water can treat women with irregular menstruation. 

According to ancient records, saffron "sweet, slightly pungent, calm in nature; home to heart, liver meridian; light body and moisturizing, enters the blood and disperses, mainly treats irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, postpartum lochia, and abdominal mass pain. .". But there are also side effects of miscarriage, so pregnant women should use it with caution.

How much is the price of Iranian carthamus tinctorius flower per catty?

Saffron is different from other traditional tonics. It is a foreign product, so the market is generally imported saffron. Although there is a small amount of domestic cultivation, the output is too small, and it is mainly supplied to niche markets. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to buy real domestic saffron. How much one gram of imported saffron costs has a lot to do with the place of origin.

Iran is the main country and place of origin of saffron, and the production of saffron in Iran accounts for more than 90% of the world's total production. Iranian saffron not only has high yield, but also has better quality. The price of Iranian saffron is moderate, the Iranian super saffron we sell

How many roots are there in one gram of carthamus tinctorius flower?

The scale used for 80 yuan per gram is an American Shuangjie electronic balance with an accuracy of 0.01 gram. The saffron grade is super dried flower, which is basically all red, occasionally with individual yellow roots, and the length is basically about 2cm. If it is about 0.2 grams, it will be 100 Around the root, which means that there are about 500 filaments per gram. Pharmacies and tourist markets generally sell saffron imported from Iran at around 100-200 yuan per gram.

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