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Cultivation technology of ginseng - part 2

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Field management of ginseng

Set up a shade

Shed type: You can choose double-bordered greenhouses and single-bordered arched sheds, flat sheds, or duplex sheds for setting up sheds. The duplex greenhouse is a new type of greenhouse researched by the Ji'an Ginseng Research Institute, that is, the lower layer is a single-row arched greenhouse.

Shade shed light transmittance: The light transmittance of ginseng shed in non-forest land is lower than that on the mountain, and it is recommended to use a shade net to cover it. For 1-2 year old seedlings, the light transmittance of the ginseng shed should be 10-15%; for 3-4 year old ginseng sheds, the shading degree should be 15-20%.

Weedingbest ginseng - OkayHerb

All the weeds on the bed surface and working path should be removed in time from the ginseng field, especially if the 1-year-old ginseng seedlings have many small grasses, manual weeding should be carried out in time, and the loose soil should be compacted by hand after the big grasses are pulled out.

Adjust lighting

The principle of light control for ginseng planted in farmland is that American ginseng should be small and ginseng should be large; it should be small in summer and large in spring and autumn.

Moisture management

Water management should be well controlled in two aspects. One is the management of the ginseng leaf layer above ground, that is, the management of the ginseng shed. First, avoid rain leakage in the ginseng shed, and also prevent wind and rain. Try to avoid pouring on the ginseng leaves when watering. The second is the management of soil moisture in the growth environment of ginseng roots. The bed surface should always be kept moist. If there is a lack of water, it should be watered in time to keep the bed surface covered. In addition, in the rainy season, attention should be paid to smooth drainage, so as to prevent rainwater from flooding the border or rushing the border.

Fertilization management

Ginseng fertilization mainly adopts root-side top dressing and external top-dressing. For ginseng in seedbeds and American ginseng under 2 years old, no root-side top dressing is required. When American ginseng that is more than 3 years old is subjected to root side topdressing, about 0.05 kg/square meter of ginseng compound fertilizer can be applied before the end of May. Top dressing outside the root can be combined with spraying 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

Overwintering and cold protection management

The general terrain of farmland ginseng is relatively flat, the precipitation is not easy to discharge, and the water infiltration into the ginseng bed is easy to cause frost damage and disease. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of ginseng overwintering and cold protection. In the middle and late October, when the temperature reaches 0 °C, spread a layer of 5~8 cm of straw, corn stalk, fallen leaves, etc., and cover it with old film before freezing. Then use sunshade net or ginseng to press on. In the second year, the cold protection can be removed according to the weather, usually in early and mid-April.

Harvesting and processing

Harvesting: Ginseng is generally harvested in 4 to 6 years. Generally, the best harvest is in mid-September, with high yield, high dry rate and good quality.

Processing: The harvested ginseng roots should be processed in time, and the stacking time is too long to affect the quality of the product. The commonly processed varieties are red ginseng, sugar ginseng and raw sun-dried ginseng.

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