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Chinese Skullcap Herb's propagation method

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Propagation method of Chinese Skullcap Herb

Seed reproduction:

(1) live broadcast method

Direct seeding is the main method of seed propagation. Direct seeding Chinese Skullcap Herb Georgi has straight roots, few root forks, good appearance quality and labor saving. Direct seeding is more than that in spring. Generally, it is sown when the ground temperature is stable at 12 ℃ - 15 ℃ 5cm underground. In northern areas, it is mostly around the first and middle of April.  

(2) seedling raising and transplanting method

Seedling raising and transplanting method can save seeds, prolong the growth time and ensure the whole seedling, but it is moreChinese Skullcap Herb price - OkayHerb labor-consuming. At the same time, transplanting Chinese Skullcap Herb Georgi has shorter main roots, more root forks and poor appearance quality. It is generally used when the seeds are expensive or it is difficult to emerge and protect the seedlings in dry land.

Cutting propagation: Although cutting can reproduce, it is rarely used in production. The key to the success or failure of cutting lies in the cutting season and cutting part. The cutting time is from May to June in spring, and the cutting survival rate is high. The young and semi lignified part of the stem tip should be selected for cutting, and the cutting survival rate can reach more than 90%.

Root division propagation: dig the 3-year-old Chinese Skullcap Herb rhizome that has not germinated in the hole, cut the main root for medicinal use, and then cut it into several pieces according to the natural shape of rhizome growth. Each piece can be planted with 2-3 bud eyes. Although split root propagation grows fast, its propagation coefficient is too low and is rarely used in production.

Cultivation techniques of Chinese Skullcap Herb

Thinning and seedling fixing

When direct seeding of seeds is adopted, when the seedlings grow to 4cm high, dense and thin seedlings shall be planted according to the plant spacing of 10cm. There is no need for thinning seedlings in the nursery land.

Intercropping weeding

After the seedlings are unearthed, loosen the soil and weed in time, and properly cultivate the soil around the seedlings in combination with the loose soil to keep them loose and free of weeds. It is necessary to weed 3-4 times a year.

Fertilization and irrigation

When the seedling height is 10-15 cm, topdressing is applied once, and the application amount is 1500-2000 kg of human and animal manure water per mu. From the end of June to the beginning of July, apply 20kg of calcium superphosphate and 5kg of urea per mu, ditch between rows, and water after covering soil. After the plants harvested in the next year wither, ditches shall be opened between rows, and 2000 kg of rotten manure, 20 kg of calcium superphosphate, 5 kg of urea and 150 kg of plant ash shall be applied per mu, and then covered with soil.

Chinese Skullcap Herb is drought resistant and afraid of waterlogging. Pay attention to drainage in rainy season. Do not accumulate water in the field, otherwise it is easy to rot its roots. In case of severe drought or after topdressing, it can be watered appropriately.  

Remove flower buds

Before drawing out the inflorescence, reducing the pedicel can reduce nutrient consumption, promote root growth and improve yield.

Pest control

The disease has leaf blight, which can clean the countryside. Spray 1:1:200 Bordeaux solution at the beginning of the onset, or use 50% carbendazim 1000 times solution for control.

Root rot, pay attention to drainage and implement rotation; The diseased plant shall be removed and burned as soon as possible, and the soil at the diseased plant shall be disinfected with lime.

The insect pests include Scutellaria dancing moth, which can be controlled by 90% trichlorfon.

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